Welcome . . .

Welcome to our Leaders Program. The program’s goals are to provide children in grades 4 and up with stimulating and age appropriate activity options that they have say in planning. We as a staff team understand their need for independence and your need for their safe wellbeing. Our hope is to fulfill their needs within the center environment through activities, field trips and recognition of their own “space” while simultaneously meeting the parent’s needs by providing a safe atmosphere for their kids!

Who is a Leader?

Leaders are kids in grade 4 and up who have shown an interest in the program and are willing and able to take responsibility for their actions. They are trustworthy and able to accept more challenges with minimal adult supervision. They act as a role model for the younger children in their center.

Why Leaders?

  • Older children can list specific activities which they like to participate in.
  • Older children are capable of giving suggestions and specific examples of activities, field trips, supplies, equipment, and facilities that they would like to see in the program.
  • They are concerned with boredom.
  • There are important differences between working with younger school age children (6-8 years) and working with older school age children (9-12 years)
  • Older children need to get out of the center more frequently.

(Information taken from School Age Child Care Association publication “Voices – 9-12 years old in School Age Child Care”)

Our Goals

  • To provide an interesting and challenging program which meets the creative, social, practical and physical needs of the participants.
  • To provide opportunities for the participants to set and achieve individual goals.
  • To provide projects and tasks that promote independence.
  • To provide avenues that promote the responsible and productive behavior necessary for a child’s future.
  • To provide opportunities for parental input to insure that the program design meets their expectations and the individual needs of each participant.

Leaders Goals

Be ready to have FUN!
Be responsible for yourself.
Be respectful.
Be accountable for ALL your actions!
Be helpful.

Program Expectations

There are responsibilities that come with being a Leader.

  • Leaders are expected to act in a responsible and respectful manner.  Any other behavior indicates that the individual is not interested or ready to accept the challenge.
  • Leaders are encouraged to participate in the scheduled activities.
  • Leaders are expected to listen to other’s ideas. “Put Downs” are NOT acceptable and demonstrate a lack of the maturity needed to be a Leader.
  • Leaders are role models for the younger children in their centers.  They help promote a positive environment that encourages personal growth.
  • Leaders are willing to volunteer time and energy to assist the staff with the “mundane” tasks of a typical afternoon.
  • Leaders are willing to volunteer time and skill to improve their school and community.

As a Leader YOU are under a contract.   You MUST take responsibility for your actions and be accountable.  If your actions do not meet the requirements of the program, then your contract will be immediately cancelled.  You will be required to reapply for a new contract.

Please complete the attached Application Form.

NOT all children in grades 4-7 will be Leaders.