Children are often ill. This presents problems to working parents who do not want to be absent from their jobs.

However, when your child is sick, please do not bring him/her to a Tomorrow's Topkids Child Care Centre. TTK is not the place for a sick child. The illness may affect the other children or staff, causing more problems. Also, a sick child cannot participate fully in the program.

We strongly suggest that you make arrangements in advance for the occasions when your child
may become ill. A grandparent, neighbour, relative or friend may be willing to care for your child
when he/she is sick.

We hope children will not become ill, nevertheless this may happen. If a child becomes
ill or is seriously injured at the centre the parent/guardian will be notified immediately and will
be required to pick up their child.

As a guideline, your child should be kept at home or removed from the centre if he/she:

• has a temperature over 38 C
• is vomiting or has diarrhea
• feels too unwell to participate in the usual daily activity including outdoor activities
• has an undiagnosed skin rash
• has persistent pain
• is not well enough to attend school
• has a communicable disease

Thank-you for your cooperation in keeping our centers happy, sickness free environments.